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All of the ingredients used in The Blend’s shakes are non-GMO (where applicable), all natural, and can be adapted to any dietary restrictions. Using her knowledge from over 20+ years in the health and wellness industry, Tracey has crafted each shake to deliver a punch of clean protein, vitamins, and antioxidants, without compromising on taste. These aren’t just smoothies with yogurt and a bunch of sugar, these shakes are FUEL and packed with protein. Each shake comes with one scoop of whey or plant based protein and averages between 350-500 calories. All shakes are made with almond milk unless otherwise specified and can be made vegan upon request.
  • Cherry Bomb: Dark cherries, almond extract, vanilla protein
  • Tropic Like It's Hot: Tropical fruit, banana, coconut, vanilla protein
  • Chunky Monkey: Banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein
  • Just Brew It: Iced coffee, banana, cinnamon, chocolate protein
  • Doing Just Vine: Mixed berries, vanilla protein
  • Not Your Mother's PB & J: Strawberries, peanut butter, vanilla protein
  • Special716 Shake: A novel, Buffalo-inspired flavor that changes per event!

Shake Add Ons

  • Plant Based Protein.....$1
  • Boosters.....$0.50
  • Glutamine.....$0.50
  • Powdered Greens.....$0.50
  • Oats.....$0.50
  • Powdered PB.....$0.50

The Blend Bar - $3.50

The Blend Bar is our take on a protein bar. Made in house by Grandma T, these bars are full of goodness without the excess chemicals and preservatives of a traditional store-bought bar. With only four ingredients (peanut butter, pea protein, agave, and oats) these bars are a crowd favorite!
  • Krispy Rice
  • Chocolate Chip
  • PB&J
  • Salted Caramel
  • Krispy Sunflower
  • Espresso Chip
  • 716 Flavor
Find The Blend Bar at these WNY locations:
Harborside Crossfit
Rockpile Crossfit
Premium Coffee Roasters
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Hot or Cold Brew, freshly brewed just for you!

Price varies according to size selected.


We have added a new menu item, Mocktails! Our latest menu creation will feature hand crafted non alcoholic beverages including a Spicy Margarita, Blackberry Basil Mojito, Cherry Bomb and a Grapefruit Paloma. Delicious ingredients such as prebiotic/probiotic sparkling water, fresh herbs and fruits and healthy additions such as collagen, adaptogens and beet juice powder will also be available.