Our Team

Tracey Taylor, Owner
The menu is what will attract people to our food truck, but I believe we'll be successful because we’re a family business. Buffalo is all about family and I think people will respond to that. I hope locals will embrace the “healthy choice”, and ultimately embrace me because I have a story. I graduated from Ithaca college with my masters in speech pathology, but my passion was always in fitness. To sustain my love of exercise, I continued to work in a health club teaching classes, and eventually went on to manage Catalyst, then Gold’s Gym. Even though I still work full time for the Buffalo Public School District, I also have my personal training business, Drive Fitness, where I in-home train over 15 clients.  My speech degree was for practicality. My personal training is my passion. And The Blend is for my daughters. I want something to give to them; something we can accomplish as a family.


Marcia Taylor, The Blend Bar Baker
Health and wellness is very important to us old people ... I want to live a long life! As a registered nurse who worked in the gastrointestinal department for most of my career, I saw first hand the effects of a poor diet. I began making protein bars for my family, which eventually evolved into The Blend Bar. I was so excited when my daughter, Tracey, asked me to join the team. I truly believe that being mindful about diet and exercise will lead to what we all want ... happiness and longevity!